Acupressure Massage – A Natural Way To Promote Hair Growth

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Acupressure massage is a regimen that has been practised since Chinese medicine originated in 1600 BC. The ritual has many hair benefits that include:

  • Health of the blood
  • Circulation of the blood to the scalp and face
  • Bringing oxygen to the scalp
  • Removing toxins
  • Removing dandruff, dead skin cells and debris
  • In turn, these benefits lead to stimulated hair growth and the strengthening of existing hair. To boost the overall benefits of acupressure massage it is recommended that you use olive oil when massaging the scalp as it neutralises DHT, a hormone that is connected with hair loss. Olive oil contains natural ingredients that reduce the formation of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) on the scalp; so by using it when practising massage you’re helping to promote hair growth on the outside as well as internally.

How To Do It:

1) Start by twirling a lock of hair around your finger and give a gentle tug on the roots, just to stimulate nerve endings.

2) On the scalp is the place referred to as “the seat of bliss”, located about 6-8 finger widths above your eyebrows- start here. You’ll be able to feel that it’s slightly softer than the rest of your skull.

3) Begin by using circular strokes, massaging gently at the seat of bliss before branching out over the rest of the skull; allow your strokes to get firmer as you move away from the seat of bliss.

4) As you branch out pay special attention to the occipital ridge, this is the attachment point where muscle joins to the skull- just on your hairline above your neck. Here you will find a powerful acupressure point. If you feel any tension around here apply pressure with your thumb or fingers and hold there for a few moments; you can hold this point up to a couple of minutes if you want a deeper release. After releasing you’ll feel the blood circulation beginning to flow easily and traces of tension will be gone.

5)Draw a line with your finger down the middle of your scalp. There are acupressure points located all the way down this line; stimulate them by applying gentle pressure with your finger pads. Stopping when you reach the bottom of your hairline.

6) Pay attention to the edge of your hairline that frames the face. Not only will massaging these points stimulate hair growth, they are perfect spots to stimulate for stress relief.

7) There are acupressure points found all over the scalp so make sure that your finger pads massage the entire area. Repeat the process of applying pressure and letting go until you feel the points loosen.

8) This concludes your hair growth massage. After following these instructions the blood flow along with nutrients and oxygen is propelled towards the scalp. This will nuture growing hair from the inside while the olive oil will get rid of DHT build up on the outside.

Other powerful acupressure points include the jaw attachment points, temples, behind the ears and the inner corner of your eyebrows. Add these points to your daily massage to compliment hair benefits. Here is a quick guide on those points and the benefits of manipulating them.

Inside of the brow bone:

If you’ve spent too many hours on the computer or you’re stressed then there’s an easy way to fix that tension headache. Gently press your thumb or forefinger against the inside of your brow bone and move it in a circular motion.This point can be very tense and sore at first. Generally, if you press hard enough, you will be able to feel the pain spread from your eyesocket down your neck. The good news is that after you’ve worked this point for two to five minutes the relief follows the same pattern. You will feel your tight head loosen and the feeling often spreads down around the eye socket and along the jaw and neck.

The Occipital Ridge:

This is the region located at the back of the head where the base of the skull meets the spine. Muscle is attached along this point that often becomes tense and cramped when we are sat for long periods of time or become stressed. A slow and rhythmical circular massage or a firm stroking motion on tense points of the occipital ridge will ease neck, shoulder and head tension. Massaging this area often alleviates headaches so well that there is no need for painkillers. When using the stroking motion, spinal fluid is often helped along into the spine; this promotes general wellbeing and is a wonderful stress reliever. Stimulation of points along the Occipital ridge also encourages blood flow to the scalp which promotes hair growth.

The Temples:

A circular massage of the temples is a well known cure for a headache; but what most don’t know is that it also brings blood to the face and scalp. This promotes hair growth and encourages the skin to obtain a healthy glow. The increased blood flow towards face also encourages muscle tone and prevents premature aging. Rhythmical massage around the temples will loosen tension and aches around the head and often the neck as well when done right.

The Jaw:

Many are left surprised when they find the muscle attachments on the jaw can be stimulated during acupressure massage. We hold an immense amount of tension around our jaw; the sad thing is that many miss out on the amazing results stimulating this acupressure point can produce. Massaging the jaw increases blood flow to the facial muscles which gives them a concentrated dose of nutrients; this is turn promotes good muscle tone, a healthy glow and prevention of wrinkles. The best method of massaging the jaw involves letting your mouth drop open and feeling for areas that are tense. Once you identify tense points along the muscle attachments begin a soft, circular massage. It’s often very tender on a lot of people, so be careful when starting. Be gentle.

It is important to note:

  • All the points listed above can have consistent pressure applied to them for a couple of minutes at a time. “Holding” points for an extended period of time provides a deeper release.
  • Massage releases a lot of toxins in the body so it is essential to drink a substantial amount of water afterwards. This prevents cramps, headaches and muscle fatigue.
  • Alternate between long, relaxing strokes and massaging acupressure points for a stress relieving experience.
  • A one time massage of the scalp will not produce new hair, you must do this on a daily basis to really see results.


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