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When it comes to selecting your wedding sari, the varieties are endless. It is always in your benefit to know the different varieties of saris that are available to you when shopping for your Bridal Sari. An informed shopper is always a happy shopper. Your ceremony type, kind of jewelry, the colors, the material and kind of work/embroidery you are looking for will all help you narrow down the kind of sari you are looking for. In this blog post, I will introduce five most popular varieties of Indian Wedding Saris:

Banarasi Brocade Sari: Banarasi Brocade Saris are made of silk and woven with gold and/or silver threads, which is also known as “zari” work. The designs of Banarasi Brocades have strong Mughal influence, where the patterns and motifs on the saris draw from nature, poetry and great legends. Banarasi Saris come in many different color combinations, but usually brides choose red, which is known to be the color of love, along with gold “zari” work. Banarsi Saris are also very comfortable and a must for a bridal trousseau.

South Indian Kanjeevaram Sari: Kanjeevaram Saris are made of pure heavy silk and are known for their durability. The sari is very traditional, where it is not affected by the latest fashion fads. The borders are woven with gold thread, and have motifs like elephants, flowers, paisleys, peacocks and parrots. They come in gorgeous color combinations and look good on everyone.

Baluchari Sari from Bengal: Baluchari is a traditional type of Bengali Handloom Sari. Baluchari Saris come in a wide range of colors like bright red, white, cream, yellow, green, purple, blue etc. The most common color combination of this type of Sari is bright red and white/cream. Baluchari Saris have small patterns or “butis” all over, beautiful floral borders, and gorgeous “pallu”, which are decorated with narrative motifs. When worn in a traditional Bengali Way with a kumkum red bindi, Baluchari Sari is bound to get you many compliments.

Embroidered Zardozi Saris: An ancient Persian art, “Zardozi” literally translates to gold embroidery. It is the buzz word for many top fashion designers today. The art was popularized by Mughals and used to adorn the costume of royalty and monarchs. The embroidery is studded with pearls and jewels to enhance the look of the silk, velvet or brocade. These handmade saris can take anywhere between 4-6 months to make depending on the intricacy of design. Zardozi Saris are fabulous and look very regal.

Ghatchola/Bandhani Sari from Gujarat: Traditionally red in color, Ghatchola or Bandhani Saris are made of cotton or silk and real gold thread and are a great choice for brides. The entire sari is designed with “bandhej” or tie-and-dye, where checks are woven out of gold bands of “zari” and have small motifs like peacock, elephant, or flowers in the center. These days beautiful golden borders adorned by “kundan” and sequins work are used on the Sari, which adds a little glitz and glamor to a very traditional number.

You are now equipped with the basic information to go Sari Shopping. Your chosen Bridal Sari will definitely add to your charm and elegance on your Wedding Day! Happy Shopping!


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