Bamboo Bedding – How Not to Get Burned

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Bamboo has become the most recent craze for shoppers who want to be environmentally responsible and are hoping for a bit of comfort too. Bamboo can be used instead of hardwoods for floors, and the viscose found in the bamboo plant could be woven into material much like the process by which cotton fibers are turned into fabric. The resulting fabric is smooth and supple similar to well made cotton fabric.

Due to the fact that bamboo is by nature antimicrobial, it can be produced without requiring pesticides therefore it is a reasonable selection for environmentally friendly bedding. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic, consequently allergy sufferers can enjoy these sheets too. Sadly, since bamboo needs to be delivered from Asia where it is harvested, the shipping costs and environmental impact means it is neither especially “green” nor affordable for Western customers.

Bamboo sheets are rather new for the US industry, and there have been several unprofitable ventures by some stores to incorporate reasonably priced bamboo into retail outlets. Both JC Penney and Bed, Bath and Beyond started advertising bamboo sheets and then abruptly stopped as a consequence of difficulties with the quality of their sheets.

Now, most inexpensive bamboo products are bamboo-cotton blends, which are not entirely as soft as pure bamboo although they tend to be better than cotton. Target at this time markets a brand of sheets which are a bamboo/cotton blend and have experienced mixed evaluations. The blended sheets are really smooth and fantastic to slumber in but it seems like will shred very easily when washed. This particular set of queen sized sheets from Target costs $160. Also, don’t forget to look at the Queen Bed Sheets too while you are at it.

If you are confident enough to buy on the web and are seeking quality pure bamboo sheets, then might possibly be worth checking out. This merchant manufactures their own linens and sells them mainly online. Based on various customer reviews, the sheets are absolutely worth the purchase price, while it seems like the real value is due to this company’s quality of customer service. One package of queen size bamboo sheets from this website is going to cost you $279. A great compliment to check out are Quilted Bedspreads.

If you will get pleasure from and are able to afford 100% bamboo sheets, you do have some alternatives yet they aren’t going to be seen in discount retailers. I truly wish that eventually there could be an American or Canadian source for bamboo, or else the product will become popular enough that the delivery fees could lessen. Until this occurs, nevertheless, bamboo will remain a luxury material and the majority of consumers will either have to put up with lower quality cotton blends or sidestep bamboo bedding completely.


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