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Selling furniture is more than showing the nice woods and finishes. It also requires the understanding of what the client’s tastes and wishes are for their dining room. But there are some technical issues that can blow the sale because you do not know the answers to some very basic questions such as seating arrangements and basic styles.

There are essentially 3 different styles of tables. The leg table which has legs at the four corners, the single pedestal table with a large single post in the center of the table and the trestle with a large component placed equal distant under the table. Each has advantages and different looks.

The leg table is probably the sturdiest table of the three, but you do lose a bit of seating room at the corners and leg tables are really not applicable to round tops. But the leg table accommodate a large variety of tops is probably the most popular style table in use. And the design of these tables is better suited for rectangular dining rooms while round tables require a bit more square footage in the room for servicing and eating.

The single pedestal table eliminates the issue with seating and also allows for the round top, but some claim to be a bit tippy especially with heavy dishes of food at an edge and without a proper counter balance and this is an important item to keep in mind with large dinner parties. It also allows for plenty of leg room under the table.

The trestle tables give a higher stability factor than the single pedestal. This type of table also has the spacing free that the leg table takes, but there is less room for the feet and for those that like to stretch their legs will find the trestle to contend with. The trestle tables are generally the most expensive because of the additional materials and labor in its manufacturing.

The next item for discussion is the about slides and I am issuing a quote from a manufacturer.

The slides used in all leg style tables up to 4 leaves are specially designed to take weight in the center of the table when opened. The equalizer slides used in pedestal or trestle style tables are designed to take the weight on the ends of the table when opened. If equalizer slides are desired for the leg tables we will try to satisfy the request; however, the slide manufacturer heartily discourages this as it is contrary to design.

Another major point on the slides in that there are two types; the steel geared slide and the wooden slide. Rather than going into elaborate detail about cambers positive and negative and their interaction, let us just say that steel geared slides are fine up to 4 leaves. Anything table to use more that 4 leaves must have the wooden slide, PERIOD. If they tell you different, they are WRONG.

Why do I know this? One of my Amish table builders, probably the best table builder in the Amish Furniture World told me so and he has been in business for a long time and has been a pioneer in table manufacturing. There is another builder who also is the other best manufacturer in the whole Amish Furniture World also told me the same thing. They know more about tables than many big manufacturers and especially those who manufacturer overseas who sell quite inferior products compared to the real Amish furniture.

So now you know enough about slides and if you have an issue, you can contact me and I will answer you, but it does not change the facts that have been presented.

One other point on slides being that we make tables that will seat 20+ seating and a special hutch that serves 9 guests and tucks away in a corner the size of a butler or serving cart. But of course it has wooden slide as it should have and is an Amish original. This is the table that hides except for the large dinner parties or serves as a marvelous huge buffet table that would hold lots of foods,

The last item is serving size and size of the table. Each person is 24″ on average and each leave is 12″ wide. So you will have one person at the head and the other at the foot and that is 2. If the table is 48″ long that will seat 2 persons on each side for a total of 6 at this table. Each leave being 12″ wide equate to 1/2 a person, so 2 leaves equal 2 seated persons. This will assist you in determining the size of the table. Now how many guests you have arrive for your dinner is another article and who to invite to dinner. By the say, my date cards for dinner is open especially in warm areas and I do black tie events. And I love all cuisine and not picky.

Hope that this information will assist you in your next purchase. You are now in control so when you walk into a furniture store, you just might know a bit more than the ordinary sales person and that is to your advantage.


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