Bride and Groom Wedding Speech – Two Separate Speeches Or a Combined One?

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Traditionally the groom makes a speech at the wedding reception on behalf of the bride and himself, starting the speech with ‘my wife and I’. However it is not uncommon for the bride to want to make her own speech. Either way is, of course, acceptable.

If it is decided that only the groom is to make a speech, then when he comes to give thanks to all of the people involved in the wedding and the reception, he should thank everyone on behalf of both his wife and himself.

If it is decided that the bride wants to make her own speech then it should be decided who is going to thank who. It becomes awkward if some people are thanked twice, and very embarrassing, not to say upsetting to the person concerned, if someone is not thanked at all.

It makes sense for the groom to thank the best man and any page boys, and the bride to thank the maid of honor and any bridesmaids. It will need to be decide as to who thanks the person who gave the service, and the florists and caterers, etc.

It is however acceptable for both the bride and groom to thank both sets of parents, as it is also a very important day for them, and they should be made to feel special, which of course they are.

In terms of entertainment value the groom’s speech should ideally fall somewhere between the father of the brides’ more serious speech and the best man’s more humorous speech. It needs to be functional and sincere with just the right amount of humor. This is a delicate balance to achieve, and why this speech is the hardest of all the wedding speeches to both write and to deliver.

Writing the speech can be daunting, especially when faced with staring for hours at a blank piece of paper waiting for inspiration. It is at this point that many grooms decide to scour the internet for ideas, however they quickly realize that you get what you pay for, and if you pay nothing you get inferior and poor quality ideas.

A much better option is to purchase a book containing sample speeches which can be adapted to suit your circumstances. This way you get professionally written high quality speeches that you will feel confident about delivering and that will make you the hero of the reception. You only get married once, so it’s worth the very small investment.


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