Cribs – Baby Furniture’s Number One Purchase

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When purchasing baby furniture, a crib is one of the most important purchases an expectant couple will make. Even though a baby is probably safer in a crib over other options, such as bassinets, cradles and cots, not all parents will opt for one. Many factors play into how a couple selects a crib, the style, the comfort, the functionality, the cost, so forth and so on….., the one factor that should always be the same is what it’s made of? It is recommended that you purchase a crib made out of solid hard wood, this will be a purchase that will last and may be passed down from generation to generation. Also, by purchasing a crib of this nature you will not have to worry about toxins or having to paint it, thus eliminating chips that could be unhealthy for your child. Some cribs have wheels and make it a nice feature as you can move the crib from room to room. If you go this route, make sure the crib wheels have a good locking mechanism, this feature could help when changing linens. Also, make sure the wheels are made out of metal and not plastic.

All cribs sold now are required to pass government regulations, a JPMA sticker indicates the crib has passed a government inspection. Be sure to check for the sticker and at the same time check into a mattress to fit the same crib. When fitting the mattress, if you can place two fingers between the mattress and the frame, the fit is not snug enough. Remember, crib mattresses come in two types – foam, which weighs less and innerspring/coil, which will last longer. Most mattresses come with two height positions, the more expensive ones can have three or maybe four height positions. The height of a mattress should be set depending on whether the child can pull themselves up and how tall they stand in the crib, the lowest setting being the best.

The overall stability of a crib can be threaten by inferior woods used by manufacturing process. These inferior woods can cause some crib slats to become weaken and/or warped by use. Be sure when purchasing a real hard wood crib that it is environmentally friendly, because some baby furniture can be made with artificial composite wood. This type of wood is manufactured using a process that emits carbon into the environment, which can be toxic. The durability of a solid hard wood crib will last for years to come, this will allow your baby to roam about within the crib and you will not have to worry about the crib collapsing. Baby cribs made from real wood can be found in different styles as well as different colors, from reddish cherry wood to light colored oak.


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