Environmentally Friendly Massage Tables

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As a massage therapist you probably care about healthy living. And you probably care about mother Earth. You should, because healthy and sustainable living and massage really go hand-in-hand.

It is our responsibility to make sure that our own CO2 footprint is as small as possible. It’s always easy to point at the big corporations and blame them. But each one of us also has an individual responsibility.

So what can you as a massage therapist do?

You can buy environmentally friendly massage tables. What’s an environmentally friendly massage table? It’s a table that has been made without the use of rain forest depleting tropical hardwoods.

The wood finish is non-toxic, the glues that are used in the massage table are non-toxic, the foam in the foam padding of the massage table is CFC free, and the lacquer is water-based.

If you buy a massage table you should inquire about its environmental footprint. Ask specific questions to show the merchant that it matters to you. The market always goes where the money is. So if you buy on the environmental friendly massage tables over time all the massage table manufacturers will come to build their tables earth friendly.

It surely is a small thing that you do or when, but the world really consists of many small things. And this one is a small thing that you actually can do easily and right away. You can even use it as a marketing tool by pointing out to your prospective clients that you are committed to run your business in an environmental friendly way. You’ll be surprised about how much all these people really care — because they do. And they will be happy to support you with business and to recommend it to others if they see that you practice something they believe in.


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