Feng Shui and Plant Theory

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Any plant or tree is considered the Wood element in Feng Shui according to its Five-Element theory. Feng Shui recommends using live plants to rectify any imbalance within the home that is related to the Wood element. It is said that a plant has a central nervous system and can absorb as well as alter the flow of chi in a room.

If the front door and the back door are aligned it could cause the residents of the house to be unhealthy and have problems in saving their money. A live plant placed between the entrance and the exit could buffer the flow of chi. This would in turn make the residents healthier and allow them to save more easily.

Tall trees growing behind or in front of a house can act as mountains if they are higher than the house. These trees can act as protection for the property.

Trees, bushes, and thick shrubs that grow around a property can conserve energy which would otherwise flow away. If your house is situated on a lower level on your property, you can plant a hedge or a row of potted plants to help keep the chi on the property. This would help to maintain both health and finance for the residents of your home. As per Feng Shui, a house that has a severe incline behind it will find it hard to conceive sons in.

Dead or dried up plants should be removed as quickly as possible as per Feng Shui. These are said to obstruct the free flow of chi. However many Feng Shui practitioners believe that dried flower arrangements need not be bad for a home. If a dry flower arrangement has happy memories associated with it, it is a good idea to leave it in the house.

Feng Shui recommends not growing particularly odd-shaped plants. Most of these can be rectified through landscaping. If your garden does not grow healthy plants there could be a possible problem with the chi of the ground. As per Feng Shui you should avoid having banana trees on your property as they tend to attract ghosts.

Popular Feng Shui practitioners also like to point out that plants with sharp leaves are akin to poison arrows. This applies for plants like cactus as well. However, if you live in a cactus growing region, it may not be feasible to get rid of all cacti plants in the neighborhood.


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