Find Happiness In Life – How to Identify Your Source of Joy

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Often when using CranioSacral Therapy to work with the healing properties of the body, clients are able to tap in to a deeper knowing of what they need to become balanced and whole.

They may discover that they need more rest. Or they’ll have the insight that their diet needs to change. But sometimes, they just have a sense of uneasiness in the world that they can’t seem to find a reason for. When this happens, I ask my clients the same thing I’ve asked myself many times through the years: What brings you joy?

As you think about this question, you may be like many women. Because women are such nurturing souls, they will often respond with something like, “My children bring me joy.” And that may be true. But I encourage you to focus on yourself (for just a moment!) to see what in your heart brings you joy. From you, for you, to you.

Many times, women can’t come up with a single thing.

This needs to change, girlfriends.

Let’s look a little closer at what true joy is not. Joy is not the happiness that others bring you when you are around them. At the end of the day, you’re responsible for your own joy, and no one else can give it to you.

Joy is not about getting it done. When you’ve run all your errands, cooked the evening meal, cleaned up the house, and collapsed into bed, it’s not joy you feel – it’s relief.

Joy comes from within you. But if you’re a little rusty, where can you find it? Here are a couple of places to start to explore to find out what truly makes you joyous.

Focus on your creativity. When you create something, you use parts of the brain associated with good feelings and positive emotion. It doesn’t matter whether you paint with watercolors, write poetry, or play a musical instrument. All these areas can kick start you into joy mode.

But what if (like me) you’re not an artist, your poems all begin with “roses are red,” and you’re not very musical? Creativity comes from many places.

Recently, I was inspired to start sewing again. Years ago I made most of my own clothes, but I did it out of a desire to save money. When I realized that I could no longer make clothes as cheaply as I could buy them, I curtailed my seamstress ways.

Only when I saw a friend’s fabric and pattern that she was using to make a dress did I realize that it was the creativity involved in sewing that I loved, not just saving the money. The joy was in creating something unique, just for me.

Each time I’m sewing a garment, I’m “in the flow,” and time seems to stand still. That’s a good hint that you’re in the Joy Zone. What can you do creatively that will nudge you into the Zone?

Another way to explore what brings you joy is to notice when you sing. Music and singing open the energy centers in our bodies called chakras and take us to a higher plane of happiness and joy.

Chances are that when you break into spontaneous song, you are doing something that brings you pleasure. (Unless you are hanging out at a Karaoke bar, and that can be joyous, too!)

The last time I caught myself singing, I was preparing food for a dinner party my husband and I were hosting. As I stood in the kitchen in my frumpy old apron chopping garlic, I realized, “I’m happy. This brings me joy.” Breaking bread with interesting people and sharing hospitality gives me space around my heart, so I do it as often as I can.

Notice the next time you begin to sing or hum on your own. Are you taking a walk, watching the ocean, looking at a beautiful piece of art, gardening, or scrubbing the floor to make it shine? Whatever it is, you’re probably doing it in a space of joy.

Take some steps to consciously bring joy into your life this month. Focus on creativity, spontaneous song, and laughing aloud. It will do wonders for you and your health.

Joy to the world!


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