How To Build A Gouldian Finch Outdoor Aviary

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A well designed and constructed gouldian finch outdoor aviary design is the foundation of all successful gouldian finch breeders. If the construction of your aviary is inadequate you are more than likely headed for failure. Your birds will not flourish and they will be lucky to see it through a cold winter without additional heating.

I will share with you the methods I personally used in the construction of my custom designed gouldian finch aviary. My aviary has been established for over seven years now. In this time I have bred literally hundreds of gouldian finches. This has even been through harsh winters with nights below zero. Now let’s get started.

The basic requirements of a gouldian finch are as follows.

The gouldian finch outdoor aviary must be draft free.

The aviary should only have one open wired side.

The ideal direction this open side should face is North In the Southern Hemisphere.

A separate bird room connected to an open flight is highly recommended in cold climates.

My aviary design and construction was quite expensive but well worth it. The aviary consists of three sections. A fully enclosed bird room which the birds have access to an open flight via a small sliding door. An outer entrance door to the gouldian aviary accesses the second section, a selective breeding room. This room has 12 individual breeding cages that are organised in a three by four cage set up. Three rows high and four cages wide. All the cages can be divided into different arrangements. One long cage made up of four separate cages or two cages of medium size each row. This is how I like to set up my selective breeding cages for the breeding season.

The selective breeding room has two more doors. The first enters a colony breeding room. This room is where the birds roost for the night out of the cold. Their water and feed is kept in this room to prevent vermin like mice or rats from being able to access it. The walls in the colony room is lined with an inner layer of plywood. This is one of the most crucial parts of the aviary construction. When a finch roosts for the night it has a tendency of sleeping against a wall. If the wall is made of metal sheeting the gouldian will not see daylight on a freezing night. The metal will rob the bird’s body heat as the gouldian finch is not like other birds. Most birds have what is called down. This down is basically like underpants for a bird. On the flip side this is an advantage for the gouldian in summer. While other birds are trying to cool off with their wings in the air, the gouldian is not bothered with heat. The reason for this is that their native environment is extremely hot.

The second door leads to the open flight area. This area provides all the birds an area to stretch their wings during the day or to soak up the morning sun. On hot days there is a nice rock pool in the open flight area where the birds can enjoy a bath.


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