How to Say Happy Father’s Day in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, and German

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If you think back to when you were a child you can probably remember sitting in the front room eagerly waiting for your dad to get home. You can probably envision the excitement that you felt when his car turned into the driveway or even when you heard the garage door open and he pulled inside. You couldn’t wait for him to walk into the door so you could give him a huge hug and tell him everything that had happened to you during the day.

For most kids their dads are their rocks. No matter what is going on with you, whether it is good or bad, you knew you could always tell your dad what was happening. The best part of being able to tell your dad what was going on is that it seemed like he could magically fix everything for you. As a little kid falling and scraping your knee required a kiss from Mom to make it better, but when your bike had a flat tire it was only Dad who could make it right.

No matter where you live, whether it is in a remote village in Alaska or on the island of New Zealand, how you view your dad is going to be similar to how other children view their dads. The relationship that a child has with their father has even withstood the sands of time. Dads all across the world play with their kids when they are young and teach them to drive when they get older.

It is because of this relationship that a child has with their father that all across the globe we celebrate Father’s Day. The date that Father’s Day is celebrated on in various regions around the world varies, as does the language you use to wish your dad a Happy Father’s Day. However, despite these differences the main point is to show how dads how much they mean to us.

Here is how you would say “Happy Father’s Day” in a variety of different languages:

  • Portuguese – Feliz dia do pai
  • Spanish – Feliz dia del padre
  • Italian – Giorno di Padre Felice
  • Polish – Wszystkiego Najlepszego Z Okazji Dnia Ojca
  • Dutch – Gelukkige Vaderdag
  • German – Alles Gute zum Vatertag
  • French – Bonne fete des peres

One thing that is interesting to note is that most countries follow the American custom of celebrating Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June, but there are a handful of other countries that follow their own customs. Austria, Costa Rica, and Belgium celebrate Father’s Day on the second Sunday in June. New Zealand and Australia celebrate it on the first Sunday of September. Russia doesn’t celebrate the event on a Sunday instead the celebrate it on February 23 every year. China also has a specific date for Father’s Day, which is August 8. Iran and Germany have no specific date for celebrating Father’s Day instead they celebrate it based on certain events. Iran follows the Islamic calendar, so they celebrate it on 13 Rajab, while Germany uses Ascension Day, which comes from the Bible, to decide what date they are celebrating the event.

No matter what day you celebrate the event or what language you use to tell your father Happy Father’s Day celebrating Father’s Day is all the same. The day is set aside to show our father’s how much we love and respect them for everything that they have done for us.


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