How to Write a Thank You Note to Your Shower Hostess

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One of the most special days of your life is the day of your bridal shower. How lovely that someone thinks enough of you to gather the special women (and sometimes men, too) together to shower you not just with presents but with love and well wishes!

Bridal showers have evolved over the year. What used to be just a sheet cake and bowl of nuts has often turned into a complete luncheon, fresh flowers on every table, sometimes even favors for guests.

More than ever, the hostess of your bridal shower deserves a special Thank You Note. Because of all the aspects of the shower that you should mention, it will probably be more like a letter. Don’t try to squeeze it onto a note card. Select nice stationery and compose a lovely message.

Tip: you might want to compose your letter on your computer. That lets you change and add words easily, to get it perfect. Then transcribe it on lovely stationery.

Some brides also chose to send flowers to the hostess a few days after the shower. But flowers or another gift should be in addition to the letter you write.

In your Thank You, elaborate on all the beautiful aspects of the shower and mention:

  • how lovely her home looked or how special the venue was
  • the food that was served, including the dessert
  • any special decorations
  • games that were played
  • how welcome she made everyone feel
  • how special she made you feel
  • the gift she gave you

Sure, there are many things to mention! But keep in mind this dear woman went to much trouble to plan the event for you and she should know that you noticed even small things!

Here’s a sample letter to send to the hostess:

Dear Julie,

The lovely bridal shower you gave for me on Saturday is a memory that I will always treasure. From the beautiful table to the gorgeous flowers (all in my wedding colors!), your creative touches were everywhere.

The luncheon you served was quite delicious! Your guests and I are still raving about the marvelous variety of food. And the torte dessert was scrumptious! Julie, you outdid yourself.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself – and what bride wouldn’t? It was a splendid afternoon from start to finish and I thank you for such a happy time. Thanks for making my friends and family feel so welcome in your lovely home.

Everyone loved the fun games – you have such a knack.

A special thank you for the silver cake knife that you gave me. Of course Adam and I will be using it at the wedding and on other special occasions. It’s a lovely keepsake.

Thanks for everything, Julie. I’m lucky to have you as a friend and as my maid of honor.




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