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Marriage is the most beautiful feeling, one goes through, in his life time. The pre and post preparations of the wedding rituals and customs are the traditions which are followed only once in a life time. There are few symbols, which defines the status of a person as single or married. Indian brides can be seen wearing, Sindoor, Mangalsootra, and Choora, (in some cultures), which their status being married. The first ritual observed in most of the Indian weddings, is ring ceremony, where both the bride and groom exchanges rings with each other. The differentiation of married man, from one who is single, can be done on the basis, if the guy is wearing a ring on the third finger of his left hand.

The ritual of ring ceremony is adopted from the western culture. In earlier days, ring ceremony was a practise which was observed in the Christian weddings. But today, with the travel of rituals and cultures all over the world, almost all religions in India and across the globe, practise ring ceremony to mark the eternal bond of marriage. In Christian weddings, rings are exchanged in front of the lord, to seek the blessings of the god for a successful and happy married life of the couple.

Ring is round in shape, symbolising the fact, that the relation which the husband and wife are sharing, has no ending and no starting point. Like the ends of the ring connects with each other, and no one is able to identify the either sides of the ring, same ways marriage is a bond, which ties two souls together for lifetime, with no difference in their lifestyle and thinking. Bride and groom are supposed to mix like colours in water and form a new colour, colour of happiness, which lasts forever.

The wedding ring is supposed to have its origin from North Africa, which in turn is said to have come from the ancient culture of Egypt. The wedding ring is made to wear on the third finger of the left hand, because it is said, that the vein of the finger is directly connected to the heart, thereby binding the heart of bride and groom with each other. In the ancient times, rings used to be made of reeds, sedges, when there was no metal, but with the fashion of metals coming into use, more of the designer wedding rings came into existence. Rings of gold, silver, with diamonds or stones studded into the rings can be found, to make it more beautiful and attractive.

These days, before finalising the wedding ring, a lot of research is done, because it is a lifetime opportunity and everybody wants to make the best out of it. Also, the business of the rings, has flourished a lot, due to the popularity of the wedding rings, all across the world. There are different designs present in the market for wedding rings; even some designs of the rings are also made according to demands of the customer, i.e. on order. Most of the times, the bride and the groom accompany each other for selecting their wedding rings; this is a culture which has started now- a- days, otherwise earlier the parents of the bride and the groom used to select rings for their prospective son- in- law or daughter- in- law. Many people also attach some superstitious thoughts with the rings; the rings are worshiped before being presented to the prospective bride or groom, to ensure a safe and healthy life. These superstitious factors are practised only in India, in foreign lands, the rings are exchanged in front of the father in the church and after the recitation of the Holy Scriptures, the couple is declared married and is hence blessed by the father and the guests to lead a happy married life.


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