Is My Girlfriend Going to Leave Me? 7 Signs She Plans to Break Up With You

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7 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Going to Leave You

Are you wondering, “Is my girlfriend going to leave me or am I just paranoid?” During difficult times, relationship problems lead to uncertainty, suspicion, and (sadly) break up. You don’t want to expect the worst, but you also don’t want to get caught off guard. So, it’s important to know the tell-tale signs of impending relationship disaster. Once you know how to tell if your girlfriend wants to break up, you can prepare to deal with it. Better yet, you can do what it takes to win her back or prevent a break up altogether.

Is My Girlfriend Going to Leave Me? – The Signs

1. Future planning comes to a halt. Women enjoy making plans for vacations, entertainment events, family outings. They also love hinting at wedding plans, naming the kids you’ll have someday, talking about the big house you’ll build together, and even discussing where you’ll retire to live happily ever after. If this future-scoping suddenly stops, it’s a sign your girlfriend wants to break up.

For example, she may “forget” to mention her upcoming family reunion. She may blow you off when you bring up plans for next summer’s vacation. If she normally hints around at marriage, she may completely stop mentioning it. These are signs that her future plans no longer include you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win her heart again.

2. Financial pattern changes. For good reason, financial changes cause many men to wonder, “Is my girlfriend going to leave me?” When you live with a woman who wants to break up, she may suddenly look for a better paying job or start working more hours. She may search for apartments with lower rent. shop a lot less, save money in a “rainy day” fund, or become secretive about her finances. She may put less money in your joint savings, or even start withdrawing some of her money from that joint account. If this coincides with bad relationship problems, maybe she’s preparing to support herself without your help. When a woman suddenly makes financial independence a bigger priority, it’s wise to wonder why.

3. She doesn’t love you anymore. Is your girlfriend falling out of love with you? If she tells you she doesn’t love you anymore or you see signs that her feelings changed, the end is very near. A woman won’t always tell you directly, but you’ll know that she is no longer happy in love. She will stop having sex with you, avoid your calls, spend less time with you, or even give you looks of disgust. This isn’t necessarily hopeless, but you must quickly make her fall in love with you again before it’s too late.

4. You’re asking yourself, “Is my girlfriend going to leave me?” If you’re usually secure in your relationship, but suddenly you’re convinced that your girlfriend is going to leave, this can be an intuitive knowing. Sometimes, that gut feeling is the most telling sign of all. There’s little explanation for it, but that doesn’t make it invalid. When your intuition meshes with other evidence, don’t ignore it. Chances are good, that your girlfriend wants to break up.

5.Your girlfriend is happier in unhappy times. Something is very wrong if your girlfriend’s happiness increases at the same time your relationship problems worsen. Relationship stress upsets a woman and dulls her mood, but that can change if someone else steps into the picture. It’s time to consider that your girlfriend is going to leave for someone else.

6. She’s picking fights. Excessive arguing. If your girlfriend argues with you much more, it may mean that everything about you has started to annoy her. That’s typical right before a break up. It means she is fed up, though still vested enough to engage in disagreements. Maybe she argues to push you away, creating a bigger rift. In some cases, she may start an argument so she has an excuse to walk away and avoid you.

7. She stops arguing. What’s the biggest sign that your girlfriend is going to leave? Believe it or not, it’s when she stops arguing with you. Arguments suck, but at least she still cares enough to argue. When a woman completely loses interest, arguing with you might seem too much of a bother for her. Even if you do something highly upsetting, she may just yawn or otherwise disregard you. This means she has less of a vested interest in you and the relationship. She’s withdrawing her emotions, which means she definitely plans to leave you.

Do you love your girlfriend and want to keep her? If so, develop a plan to win her heart (again) instead of just worrying, “Is my girlfriend going to leave me?” Don’t wait for more signs.


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