Jewlery Ideas for a Stylish Marathi Bride

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Times have changed and so have the mindset of the brides and grooms. Today, brides are much happier than they used to be. Initially marriage was meant to be quite emotional moment and the bride would be nervous as well as tears broken. But today the brides are much confident than ever and also they have support system of the groom and the family and so they know that they will be happy in the coming times too. Just like every other wedding Maharashtrian wedding is quite exciting as far as the rituals are concerned. Marathi brides too find the rituals and ceremonies quite exciting. This is the time when they can get the best wardrobe and jewelry and as a result they can look their very best.

Jewelry for Marathi brides

Being a Marathi bride gives you the precious moments to get ready with the best jewelry and clothing. How amazing the nath looks on the bride. Not just this, the necklace, pichodi, bangles and earrings, all would get the apt place on the body of the bride. This is the time to get decorated and look like a princess. Here are some of the jewelry ideas that can be tried to look more stylish and awesome.

  • Mostly nath has pearls that are white in color and a few pearls are pink. But if you wish you can make some changes. White and green would also look great.
  • Chattai vaki or bajubandh is optional. But if you truly love wearing authentic jewelry then you should wear this. Being modern should not keep you away from the pride of wearing the authentic jewelry.
  • Putli haar or coin necklace is an integral part of Marathi wedding. The brides wear this coin shaped gold necklace on the wedding day. But if you feel it is too old fashioned then you can try something else as well. The haar with peacock pendent and the similar earrings would also look great.
  • Amabada veni phool: If you are not using the flowers for ambada veni then you can use the 22 carrat gold veni. You can buy it ready from any good online or offline jewelry shop.
  • Mundavlya: This is an ornament to be worn by both bride and groom. It is to be worn across the forehead and it is made out of pearls or gold beads.

The above mentioned jewelry ideas are for those stylish brides that would love the authentic look. But if you are looking for something novel then you can try something different. You can search for the options in any leading jewelry store and find out which are the new designs as available. Most important thing is that if you are trying something else then you can ask your parents or the groom’s family as to something unique would be OK at the wedding? This is because some of the jewelry pieces as mentioned above are an integral part of the Marathi wedding and Marathi brides should wear them.


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