Make Your Ex Boyfriend Sorry He Dumped You! Psychological Tricks That Make Him Want You Back

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You want to make your ex boyfriend sorry he dumped you. I don’t blame you for feeling that way. Since the break up you’ve been lost in a cloud of confusion and anger. You love him and you really can’t believe that he’d just toss you aside like that, right? It makes no sense to you given how close you felt to him all this time. Break ups are typically very painful for one partner. In this case it’s you. What you need to do if you’re tired of feeling this way is try to get him back. It’s very possible. You just have to get focused on the task at hand and gain some insight into how certain psychological tricks can make him not only wish he never broke things off but crave to be with you more than ever.

As women we have a certain stigma attached to us when it comes to break ups. We’re known for being the ones who fall apart emotionally. It’s a fair label as you’ve probably already shown your ex that you’re more than capable of crying and begging for him to come back to you. Men actually expect this kind of behavior and they’re prepared for it. That gives them the upper hand which is never something you want when you’re trying to win a man back.

Essentially you’ve got to go left when he goes right. Whatever he thinks you’re going to do, you’ll need to do the opposite of. It sounds complicated, doesn’t it? It’s actually not at all.

In order to make your ex boyfriend sorry he dumped you start by apologizing to him. You read it right. You’re going to make the first move by telling him you’re sorry. You can be sorry for what happened before the break up or sorry for the way you acted since. Just call him up and apologize. The apology isn’t the most important part of the call though. Your demeanor during it is. You have to sound calm and in complete control of yourself. Try to sound cheery and upbeat. It may not seem all that important, but the fact that you’re not crying will impact him directly.

Another of the psychological tricks that will make him want to be with you again is to reject him too. You certainly aren’t going to be as obvious as he was about it. He already dumped you, after all. Instead, you’ll hold your head up high and you’ll walk away from the relationship and not look back. You can accomplish this by living again and not reaching out to him at all. Delete his number from your cell and stop driving by his house.

The best part of this plan is that you don’t stoop down to the level of trying to plead with him to take you back. By ignoring him and moving forward with your life, you’ll be making him feel that he can’t have you anymore. Once a man feels that, the chase is on to get his woman back.


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