Make Your Ex Miss You Like Crazy – Disappear Out Of The Picture – Completely!

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It’s clear that you’re feeling upset about breaking up with your ex. Well, it is only natural to feel this way. You just want things to be how they were instead of your ex constantly ignoring your calls and text messages. Your ex has ignored you ever since you broke up, but all you want to do is make your ex miss you like crazy.

Making your ex miss you is easy provided you leave them alone and give them space they desperately need. Your ex is feeling down and depressed from the relationship too, so not returning your calls is a result of hurt and sorrow. It’s not because they don’t want you see you again.

It will take time. However, with the right frame of mind; you can make your ex miss you like crazy. It’s no miracle, but you are going to have to have nothing to do with them for a while.

You’re no doubt feeling dubious about not contacting them. You feel that it will make your ex forget you but I can assure you that this is not the case. How is your ex supposed to miss you when you’re constantly on their back? It just doesn’t work does it?

You need to take control of your own life and try to enjoy yourself more. Go out clubbing, see your friends, and spend time with family. Once your ex realizes you seem to be over them, they will become puzzled and begin to wonder whether you’re seeing somebody else or not. Seeing you enjoy yourself will definitely make your ex miss you like crazy as they will start to reminisce about the good times in your relationship.

Remember, if you wish to make your ex miss you like crazy, it’s important that you give them some time and space. Respecting their wishes will definitely help your cause. You never know, it could be them making the next move!


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