My Boyfriend Says I’m Too Sensitive – How to Change This Now

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“My boyfriend says I’m too sensitive.” Ouch. It hurts when the man you adore tells you that. It’s even more painful because you do feel things so deeply. It’s likely hard for you to imagine that it’s possible for a person to be too sensitive. What your boyfriend is likely trying to express is that he wishes you wouldn’t take everything so seriously.

Right now all you can think of is why your boyfriend would tell you that you’re super sensitive. He probably didn’t do it to hurt you, although that’s the way you took it. Instead, he’s trying to express to you that he would be happier and more content in the relationship if he didn’t have to be so careful about what he said to you at every turn. If you are the type of woman who allows herself to feel and absorb things on an intense level that is going to impact your relationship.

Try and remove yourself from the pain you are feeling over his comment for a moment. Consider whether or not there may be some value in what he said. Does he sometimes make small jokes that you take as insults? Does it hurt you when you catch him looking at another girl? What about when he forgets to say “I love you” or “I’ve missed you.” Do you get upset with him then? Although it’s completely understandable why these things might bother you, your reaction to them is what you need to deal with.

Instead of looking at each of his actions, consider taking into account the way he treats you in general. If he’s loving, caring and compassionate, that’s what truly matters. You need to start looking at his feelings towards you more in a big picture kind of way as opposed to each small instance and how that makes you feel.

When your boyfriend thinks you’re too sensitive and he’s expressed that to you, don’t overlook that. He’s telling you for a reason. Likely because men just aren’t attracted to drama queens and that may very well be how he views you. If he has to constantly deal with putting out the emotional fire after you’ve become upset, that gets tiring and old very quickly. He’ll label you as high maintenance and want to move on to someone who is more easy going and less sensitive.

Try and detach yourself from those small comments that bite. Don’t allow him to see you get upset over them and again, try and remember his overall adoration for you. If you can become less sensitive, he’ll definitely feel closer to you.


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