My Wife Isn’t Attracted to Me – What’s Wrong and How Do I Get Her Attracted to Me Again?

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Are you in a marriage where you’re sadly saying my wife isn’t attracted to me?

If you are, and you’re feeling like your marriage is being destroyed because of it, then it’s time that you understand the truth to why this is happening. The important thing for you to know and understand right now is that this is something that can be quickly turned around, without ever stepping foot in a gym.

Exactly What to Do When You’re Stuck Saying My Wife Isn’t Attracted to Me

Now here’s the part that might sting a little. You may have not expected me to turn on you and tell you that this is your fault. You may have been hoping and now wishing that I was going to do some trash talking your wife a bit and telling you how this is her fault.

You might have expected me to say that she’s shallow, and that if she’s not attracted to you then that’s her problem. Or…you may have expected me to tell you that if you’ll go to the gym, get your teeth whitened, and buy her a ton of stuff, and take her to nice places that all this would change in a heartbeat.

But it won’t. And oh yeah, it IS your fault that you’re saying my wife isn’t attracted to me. Totally and completely 100% YOUR FAULT! The good news is that it gives you totally 100% chance to turn it around by changing a few simple things that you may have not even noticed was causing the problem.

First of all, let’s cut to the chase. Is your wife not attracted to you because you’re older now, and have maybe put on a few pounds or have lost some of your muscle mass. Well it may not be helping your case, but it’s nothing you have to change.

Here’s the reason that your wife isn’t attracted to you anymore. It’s because YOU are not the type of man that she needs in her life. Actually, I AM! What…now you want to beat me up, but I want you to hear me out first.

The fact is that you have either lost your status as…or never was…an alpha male. You’re no longer the leader that your wife NEEDS in her life. Now when I say needs I say it as if I know your wife right? I mean how do I know what your wife needs?

Well I know because your wife needs the same kind of man that all women need, and it’s that way because of very specific scientific reasons. In other words these needs have been passed down into her DNA from way back in the caveman days, where in order to survive she needed to have a real alpha male caveman around. You know, one that would fight off the saber toothed tiger that wanted to eat her type of caveman.

Of course we no longer have saber toothed tigers around, and it might seems a little ridiculous to think that your wife still needs that sort of man, but the truth is that it’s never left her.

The funny thing is that she doesn’t even realize it and could never tell you this. It’s buried so far into her DNA that she couldn’t even put it into words. But it’s the absolute truth, and the way to figure out that it’s true is to simply become the man that she wants to see, and watch exactly HOW attracted she becomes to you. The experience is not only wonderful but it’s eyeopening when she starts initiating love making to you, and can’t seem to stop obsessing about you.

But of course you’re not at that stage right now, because you’ve become exactly what she has made you think she wanted all along. You’ve become a beta male who has been beaten into a sort of subservient little wuss to put it lightly. But don’t feel bad, because 99% of all the husbands out there have become the same thing.

In fact I was in the same exact spot at one time, until I did the necessary research. I too was saying my wife isn’t attracted to me…and she wasn’t.


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