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As a nation of pet lovers we love to pamper our pets so why not dress them? Bandannas, bows and ribbons are common but there are so many other choices out there today. Faux fur coats, designer jackets, stylish raincoats, luxury dresses, fashionable collars with bling, glitzy leads and holiday outfits are just a few of the options.

If you are new to the world of pampered pet and are looking for the latest fashion such as a spring dress, a stylish tracksuit or maybe even a doggy wedding range then Glamour Petz is the place to go. This site also sells some fab collars, designer leads and fancy hair accessories. Have fun and dress your dog!

So what’s in it for your dog? Well, dogs get cold too, especially little dogs with short or no fur. In the winter, extra clothing will help to keep your pooch warm. Most dogs don’t like standing in the rain or snow and sometimes booties are necessary for the sore paws.

Dressing your dog can have a bonding experience and an enjoyment shared by you both. Most dogs, big and small will love to be dressed and all the attention they get from people whilst out on walks. However, there are some that won’t like it at all and it is important for owners to never force their pets to wear clothes if they are uncomfortable with it. After all, with so many designer collars and glitzy leads to choose from you can still make your dog look ‘pretty.’

It’s not a surprise that the relationship between the human and his pet is changing. As the human population ages, dogs become more and more important for companionship and man’s best friends can be seen sporting the latest designer fashions.

Britain is a self-confessed nation of animal lovers and figures show we are happy to spend billions of pounds each year on pampering our pets. The last decade has seen a boom in pet clothing and accessories, with the market increasing by a staggering 30 per cent in the last six years. Despite the recession, sales of dog clothing were up 70 per cent last winter on the previous year. Dressing dogs became even more popular when celebs were seen dressing their own dogs in frilly frocks and designer accessories.

Since setting up my own online pet boutique, I have met nothing but friendly, doting pet owners. My customers are mainly women aged from twenty to fifty. They tend to choose blue for the boys and pink for the girls. Over the past few years, I have seen more and more demand for dog clothing and people are even dressing up their cats!

Suddenly “a dog’s life” doesn’t seem such a bad prospect.


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