Self Prostate Massage – DIY Approach to Explosive Orgasm

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Do you know that man has a “G-spot” just like woman? It is called prostate. When stimulated, it will lead to explosive male orgasm. In this article, you will learn how to conduct self prostate massage. It is a fabulous way to achieve the big “O” without having sex. In addition, prostate massage may even help to prevent prostate cancer!

Before you start

To ensure maximum sexual pleasure, you need to detox your colon before the massage. You can buy reputable and natural colon cleansing products at organic stores. If you are not confident, seek helps from holistic professionals and doctors. Do not overuse colon cleaner and laxatives as it will cause unpleasant side effects. These side effects are orgasm killers!

Self Prostate Massage: Step by Step

#1. Trim your fingernails. This step is very important as prostate is sensitive. The slightest nail may cause unpleasant feelings to your prostate.

#2. Apply generous amount of lubricants over your finger tips. You may use either water or silicone based lubricant. Do not use soap!

#3. Lie on your back and relax.

#4. Insert your finger into rectum to locate prostate gland. Your prostate gland is a walnut like lump which situated at 3 cm or 1.5 inches past the anus.

#5. Once prostate gland is located, gently massage it in consistent tempo and rhythm. Keep your movement gentle. As time goes by, the sensation will increase gradually to culminate powerful orgasms.

Final note

If you want to increase the orgasm intensity and duration, it’s recommended that you practice penis exercise regularly. Penis exercise is designed to increase sexual stamina, intensify orgasm, and enlarge erection size. According to a survey conducted by, men who practiced penis exercise observed growth of 42 %.


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