Special Tips For New Year’s Eve Weddings

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New Year’s Eve is a magical day of the year. It is also a very fun time for a party, which makes it a marvelous time for a wedding. Planning a wedding for New Year’s is not quite like having one on a Sunday afternoon in May, however. These are some special tips for New Year’s Eve weddings that will be truly spectacular.

First of all, keep in mind that New Year’s Eve has a reputation as the biggest party date of the year. If you are planning a wedding for that day, be sure that it is a party that will live up to expectations. It should definitely be an evening ceremony, followed by a reception that goes past midnight. Venues like hotels are ideal, especially since many of the guests may not be in a state to safely drive home following your bash.

New Year’s Eve is also all about glamor. Even people who rarely dress up will bring out their most festive attire for this holiday, which makes it the perfect date for a black tie wedding. For the bridal gown, either choose a full ballgown or a sleek shift dress. Look for a gown with embellishments like crystal beading, silver embroidery, and maybe even some white feathers. Crystal bridal jewelry and a dazzling headpiece will help to complete the look. For even more glamor, choose sparkly accessories, such as a beaded clutch or silver shoes with a crystal brooch to complement your crystal bridal jewelry.

Another tip for a New Year’s wedding is to choose colors which are more associated with the holiday than with more traditional weddings. Think silver and black or purple and gold. A rich red color would also be very dramatic, as long as you take care to glam it up so that it looks more like New Year’s than Christmas. Although I am not normally a big fan of the color black for weddings, black accents with the red could take the color away from the Christmasy associations. Besides, New Year’s weddings are not about being traditional, anyway!

When having a wedding which will run well past midnight, definitely plan on serving a late night snack. A great timeline for a December 31st wedding would be a 7pm ceremony, followed by cocktails around 7:30, a seated dinner at roughly 8:30, and then the cake cutting and dancing. Around 11:30, start to get everyone ready for greeting the New Year at midnight. Hand out noisemakers, party horns, and maybe even fancy hats and tiaras (those could be omitted, if your guests are not the type to be into them). Have a big countdown to the New Year, and then release silver confetti or balloons from the ceiling while your guests kiss and toast with Champagne. Around 12:30, bring out the late night snack to give your guests more fuel to keep the party going into the wee hours.

All weddings should end with a bang, but especially one on New Year’s Eve. If your city has fireworks on that holiday, try to find a venue which will offer a view. Or if budget allows, consider planning your own fireworks display for the reception. When it is time for the bride and groom to make their grand exit, they can do so surrounded by their guests waving sparklers. It makes for a fun exit, and some wonderful pictures to cap off your wedding album full of great New Year’s Eve memories.


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