The Attributes of a Holiday Rep

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In order to become a holiday representative, there are several different qualities that touring companies may look for within you. These qualities are not just important when they are choosing you, but to ensure that this is a good fit for you. Not everyone knows whether they want a job or not until they know the details about the job including the qualities that one should have to perform the job well, the job description, etc.

This article will give your details as to what type of qualities and attributes one should have that is thinking about becoming a holiday representative to ensure it’s the right choice.

First and foremost, it’s important to have the ability to work well with other people and as a team. Being a holiday representative, you will have to associate with other resort employees, cab drivers, airport attendants, etc. You will also have to converse with the guests that you are attending to. It’s important to be outgoing and work well around and with others. Therefore, excellent communication and people skills are required.

Another quality that is important for a holiday rep is patience. When dealing with the things you will be dealing with, patient is absolutely essential. You may experience flight delays, activities being cancelled, rooms not being ready at the resort, etc. and you must be able to handle these problems that may occur in a calm manner so not to disturb the guests. You must keep in mind that you are there to make sure their vacation goes smoothly for them and they have a good time.

A quality that is important is being very responsible as you will be taking care of possibly a hundred guests! Therefore, you are maintaining their activity schedule, flight schedule, making sure they have what they need while on vacation, etc.

It’s also important to work well under pressure. This quality sort of goes along with patience. As there are problems that may arise during this time, you must be able handle it in a calm manner and adequately. If you do not work under pressure very well, then you may very well cause the situation to become worse.

A few other qualities that go with patience and working well under pressure could include the following:

– Good organization skills

– Ability to meet deadlines

– Problem solving skills

– Listening skills

– Being diplomatic

– Flexibility in schedule

Although it is definitely not necessary, but if you are able to speak any foreign languages it is a huge plus. The reason for this is that you will be traveling all over the world to high end resorts to take care of guests on their vacation. This may be for a couple weeks or a whole entire summer or longer.

Therefore, if you plan on staying in a specific country or city long enough, it’s essential to know their local language.

However, fear not if you do not have this quality as it is not mandatory when applying to become a holiday representative – it’s just an advantage. All these qualities are a great way to land the job as a holiday representative. Although, these are not all mandatory, they help a lot. Without the above qualities, it would be hard to handle the work load that you would be taking as a holiday representative. It’s also important that you have an interest in other countries, culture, or travel. This may very well help you get the role of a holiday rep and will allow you to learn more about the world while you are having a good time and ensuring that guests have a great holiday vacation!


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