The Most Popular Plus Size Body Shaper By Vedette: Vedette 302 Tummy Slimmer and Butt Enhancer

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Meet my BFF (Booty Friend Forever) Vedette tummy slimmer and butt enhancer body shaper – we met online during my quest for the perfect Booty! When I first heard the term “bootylicious” I didn’t know what they were talking about- I had booty – lots of it in fact! But was it luscious? Err…no. Then I saw a Beyonce video and finally it dawned on me WHAT bootylicious meant. So I went on a diet, joined a gym and did everything in my power to GET IT! But as the results take too long, in the mean time, you know what they say, “if you can’t make it – fake it” with plus size shapewear.

This plus size body shaper by Vedette is a body miracle in a box – ideal for smoothing the abdomen, back and thighs. It’s designed to immediately elevate your butt and slim your waist! The firm compression across the stomach, hips, and thighs gives the appearance of lost inches while the “cut outs” for the booty allow your rump to look perkier, higher, and rounder in comparison. If the “cut out” panels for your butt freak you out, you can opt for the body briefer style body shaper instead. However don’t worry, it may look odd, but I assure you it feels very comfortable once you get used to it. It can be worn under any out with ease and transparency. The mid back makes this body shaper easy to conceal. Just zip it up and wear it all day long with confidence as its flexible material accommodates to your body’s curves.

Now is that worthy of a BFF badge? And I’m sure Vedette tummy slimmer and butt enhancer body shaper has every reason to wear it with pride! Because I wear Vedette body shaper with more than just pride, I wear it with the immense confidence it gives me. This is by all means a firm control shapewear, so I would suggest you wear it every other day until you feel comfortable wearing it on a daily basis. Vedette tummy slimmer and butt enhancer does exactly what it says. It makes your stomach look flatter and your butt so much rounder and perkier for the day or evening. With everyday use, it will eventually whittle down your waist and actually reshape the contours of your body. What more can you ask for? This body shaper by Vedette works silently under cover to not just give you an instant fix, but eventually fixes everything for good!


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