Theft at Waikiki Beach – Don’t Become a Victim

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The island of Oahu is by far, the most populated island in the Hawaiian chain. There are roughly about 2 million people that reside and work here on the island. Whenever you pack that many people into such a small island and you are going to get some bad eggs. And it’s these bad eggs that are responsible for the crime that we have here in paradise. Unfortunately, many of the victims of these crimes happen to be visitors that come here to enjoy a family vacation. In this article I’ll be sharing with you one of the most reported crimes that happen to tourists and what you can do to prevent this crime from happening to you.

Theft of personal property is probably the most common crime that happens to tourists while vacationing here on the island. It’s a crime of opportunity and can be easily prevented, by just being aware of your surroundings and by not leaving anything of value unattended at any time. Let me explain this further with a quick scenario.

A visiting family arrives on the island and checks into their hotel room. The first thing they want to do is enjoy the rest of the day at our famous Waikiki beach soaking up the sunshine and taking a dip in the cool clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. But dad wants to record this activity on his brand new video recorder and mom wants to have some cash on hand in case they decide to go and eat somewhere. So they grab their things and head out to the beach.

By the time they get down to the beach, it’s already 12:00 p.m. The beach is very crowded but they manage to find a spot where they set up their towels and put their things. The kids and mom drop their things on the towels and head off to take a dip while dad records them with his new video recorder. After a while dad starts feeling hot from being under the tropical sun. He takes a look around and decides that it’s safe to just jump into the water for a second to cool off. He leaves the items unattended and jumps into the water.

As soon as he leaves the towels, one of these bad eggs sees the opportunity (which he’s been waiting for), walks up to the towel, grabs the items, and disappears into the crowds of Waikiki. When dad returns to the towels a few minutes later, he discovers what just happened and calls the police to report the incident never to see their items again.

This scenario repeats itself everyday at Waikiki and can easily be prevented. First off, try not to bring anything of value to the beach. If you want to bring something like a video camera to record the event, make sure that you always have someone watching the camera at all times. It doesn’t take much to get one of the kids to come out of the water and watch the item while you go and take a dip to cool off. Never assume that your things will be safe for just a moment, especially when you’re in Waikiki. The bad eggs are out there just waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of some unsuspecting tourist. Don’t be that tourist.


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