Tips In How To Select the Best Lamb For Your Cooking

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In our daily life, we take lamb on and off in our meal. It is served in different type of dishes like stir fry lamb with vegetables, lamb in steamboat, roast lamb, grilled lamb and many others. But we are hearing more and more people questioning what type of lamb is being used in the dishes, is it sheep or goat? Many of us wondering what the difference is between sheep and goat.

So what is the differences?

1. Sheep meat has better taste and tender as compare to goat, due to sheep has higher fat level. Also sheep meat, it has methyl caprylate in its fat and create the strong smell of mutton flavor which some of people cannot take it.

2. Cholesterol level in goat is much lower than sheep, hence it has lower risk in getting arteriosclerosis and heart attack, a suitable ingredient for high blood pressure patients especially to the old people.

3. As according Chinese medicines, sheep is a type of cold (Yin) food in nature, where goat is a type of heat (Yang) food. Hence, goat has the nourishing effect for us, especially pregnant women and patients.

When buying mutton how do we select type of mutton, goat or sheep?

1. Look at the meat, if it is sticky based it is meat from sheep, goat meat is not sticky.

2. Check on the fur on the meat, sheep based fur is curly one and goat one is straight and hard.

3. Look at the meat fiber texture, the sheep based has shorted fiber, where goat based meat fiber is longer and thicker.

4. Check on the rib, the sheep rib has a narrower and short form, where goat has a wider and longer rib.

Due to the benefits of goat over sheep, many people has switch from consuming sheep to goat. Here is a piece of recipes on goat that suitable to most people:

Tomato Goat Soup


1. Goat meat (mutton) 500 grams

2. Yellow skin potato 250 grams

3. Carrots 50 grams

4. Tomatoes 100 grams

5. Onion 50 grams

6. Chinese cabbage 150 grams


1. Coriander 10 grams

2. Tomato sauce 50 grams

3. White pepper 2 grams

4. Salt 4 grams

5. Peanut Oil 50 grams


1. Wash and put into boiling until 50 percent cooked, take it out and cut into slices.

2. Skinned potatoes, de-seed tomatoes, cut together with Chinese cabbage, carrot and onion into cube.

3. Fry tomato sauce with some onions with oil, add in half cup mutton stocks to form tomatoes soup.

4. Add in mutton and vegetables cube into soup, continue to boil for 10 minutes.

5. Add in some salt and pepper to taste before serve.


Very nutritious, aid for digestion and defecation.


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