Top 7 Reasons For Divorce – Why Married Couples Break Up

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A frightening fact: divorce rates have been steadily increasing since the time it was legalized. In the old days, divorce would require a spouse to present evidence showing their partner was at fault during marriage – then and only then would the divorce be allowed. But now, the system has changed and divorce can easily be filed without proof of fault from the other party.

An even more frightening fact: many couples today demand a divorce based on “unimportant” if not “trivial” reasons. Read on to find out what these are and try to steer clear of them unless you wish to be part of the rising divorce statistics today.

1. Nagging -Spouses who nag will eventually drive their partners to the end of their ropes, something that will inevitably lead to divorce.

2. Long-distance relationships – couples who spend too much time apart are bound to drift off with their intimacy and romance, and often their fidelity.

3. Lack of appreciation – this may be a small item but showing appreciation for your spouse can take a marriage a long way.

4. Money matters -there should always be transparency when it comes to finances and purchases. Spend within your means as a couple and avoid hiding purchases from your partner.

5. Spilling the beans -when a spouse starts telling relatives, or even close friends, about things that should have been kept between the two of you, trust is broken. This could lead to more issues and problems in the future.

6. Unattractiveness – this is one of the many mistakes wives make. If you looked great and gorgeous while you were still single, stay that way after marriage. Always give your husband a reason to stick with you and you alone!

7. Sex life – sex is a must in every marriage. It keeps the fire burning and the passion alive. A dull sex life will eventually lead spouses to extramarital affairs and, eventually, divorce.

Marriage is not all about grand gestures but the little things you do for your spouse. It is living the daily life, doing household chores, saying “thank you” when needed. As little as they may seem, small gestures can take your marriage a long, long way.


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