Turning Your Boyfriend Into Your Husband – The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Him to Propose

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How do you get a man to propose marriage? Is there anything you can do to get him to put a ring on your finger and commit to you? If you want to get your boyfriend to propose to you, it’s important to understand marriage and commitment from a man’s perspective. Doing so will allow you to alleviate some of his fears and convince him you’re the only woman in the world for him.

Marriage for a man is a huge responsibility. When a man commits to a woman, he’s taking on the responsibility and the social obligation that he will take care of and provide for his wife and future family. While a woman can choose to work after being married, a man is expected to work and provide for his family.

A man who commits often gives up some of his goals and dreams. He’ll take a higher paying job instead of a job he would enjoy because of the financial responsibilities he feels. Men also worry about losing time with their male buddies, losing their privacy, and losing their alone time. In many ways, a man loses when he commits because he has less control over his own life. He has fewer choices. This can make men extremely cautious about proposing.

Here are some things you should and shouldn’t do if you want to get your boyfriend to propose.

Avoid These Things If You Want To Get Him To Propose

  • Don’t whine, complain, and/or keep reminding him that he hasn’t proposed yet.
  • Don’t constantly talk about the big, expensive wedding of your dreams. Doing so can make him feel pressured and worried financially.
  • Don’t build up resentment toward him because he hasn’t proposed yet.
  • Don’t “let yourself go”. Men fall in love with you just the way you are. They don’t want you to ever change, but fear you will after marriage as most women gain an average of 15 pounds after they tie the knot.
  • Don’t let sex and intimacy diminish in your relationship. Men give up the fantasy of being with many different beautiful women to be monogamous in the hopes of gaining intimacy, emotional security, and a constant sex partner.

Take These Actions If You Want Him To Propose Sooner Than Later

  • Accept him for who he is and never try to change him. Make sure you’re in love with him and not his potential.
  • Ease his financial concerns by letting him know the two of you are financial partners.
  • Understand his need to be successful in all aspects of life. Don’t complain because he works long hours trying to get ahead. Instead, tell him how amazing he is at everything he does.
  • Give him his privacy and alone time. Spend time with your friends so he can spend time with his.
  • Pull back a bit emotionally and physically if you feel he’s not proposing because he’s fallen into a “comfort zone”.
  • Work hard to remain the same attractive woman he fell in love with. Remember men don’t want women to change.

A man’s main fear is becoming trapped with a woman who abandons her femininity and glamour, with kids that require time, attention, and added expenses to the point where he becomes nothing more than a working robot trying to support everyone. Ease these fears and you’ll have a much better chance of watching him drop to his knee as a tear rolls down your cheek.


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