Want To Make Your Penis Grow Bigger? Here’s What You Can Do To Gain A Few Extra Inches Down There!

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Do you seriously feel like you are lacking in size down in the manhood department and that you could do with being a few extra inches bigger? Want to make your penis grow bigger in size without having to spend thousands of dollars to surgically enhance it?

Increasing your penis size may seem to be a far-fetched idea to you for now, especially if you are taking the idea of having surgery out of the question. But the actual fact is that penile enlargement is possible and easy to achieve – even without having to go under the knife!

Modern medical science has gone so far as to discover the natural potential for the male organ to increase in physical size… so much so that even doctors now would not recommend the use of surgery unless in extraordinary cases of men who suffer from a condition called micropenis (where the male organ is genetically too small in size).

What they discovered was that through proper stimulation, the male organ could very easily react in a way which creates additional AND permanent size to itself.

The Various Ways Of Naturally Stimulating The Penis Into Growth

Today, there are several different ways available at your disposal of helping the male organ to naturally grow in size.

The one technique requires the use of a specially designed tool which literally stretches the penis. You would have to wear this device on your male organ and have it apply a gradual tension force onto your manhood.

This “extender tool” has been shown to be highly effective in boosting the size of ones penis within a few short weeks. What is interesting is that the gain in size achieved through using such a tool is known to remain for good – even long after you stop using the extender!

Of course, such an ingenious contraption does not come cheap. Each extender tool may set you back by a few hundred dollars, of which you may call a worthy investment especially if you are desperate about getting up to size down there.

A cheaper alternative to using an extender tool requires you to rely on your own bare hands. You do not need any external devices or tools or even medication to help you gain an inch or more to your penis size.


All you need to do is to emulate the stretching action of the extender tool using your very own pair of hands!

Stretching Your Penis Size Through Hand Exercises

Here is a sample of how you can exercise your male organ and stimulate it into growing in size naturally:

1. Prepare your male organ by bringing it into a half-erected state and apply some lubrication on it

2. Use the index finger and thumb of your right hand to form a ring shape around the base of your penis

3. Apply some pressure on your grip and slowly move it down your penis shaft towards its head

4. Release your grip just before your finger and thumb reach your penis head

5. Give your male organ a little shake to rest it

6. Repeat the above steps several times each day

See how simple that was? Although it requires some manual work on your part, it would probably take you only a few short minutes to carry out the above routine each day!

Of course, there are several other varying exercise techniques which you should include into your daily routine if you wish to experience a more profound result. But even so, all the exercises put together should not require more than an hour of your precious time every day.

But How Do Exercises Help To Make Your Penis Grow Bigger?

It’s called cell division! The stretching action which you perform on your penis using your hands cause the cells within your male organ to split; each of these cells in turn begin to naturally expand to absorb more blood.

Over the course of time, with you regularly doing the exercises, your penis then adopts a higher capacity to hold blood in its blood chambers. This increased amount of blood causes your penile tissues to expand further, giving your penis a more significant physical size!

So Should You Start Practicing Penis Exercises?

That’s entirely up to you! If you feel you could do with a few extra inches to your manhood to help you and your partner enjoy a better sex life, why not?

Penis exercising requires only your hands, some spare time each day, and your own determination to make it work. And because it’s a medically backed technique of making the penis grow bigger, you really have nothing much to lose but a few extra inches to gain!


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