Wedding Tulip Time: How to Work With Tulips Like a Pro

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Tulips are the third most popular flower of all time. Is it one of your favorite flowers? As a symbol of perfect, undying love, tulips are ideal to use as a wedding flower. Although they are clearly a spring flower, tulips are available year round. If you are considering featuring them at your wedding, beware of using them in hot weather. Read this warning and other special considerations and tips on using tulips as wedding flowers.

The tulip flower’s classic shape makes them fit right into elegant wedding settings and gives a modern look to any bride’s custom vision of beauty for her special day. Tulips are flexible to many wedding themes since they come in a wide variety of colors such as red, white, yellow, orange, purple, pink, yellow and orange and yellow striped. It is easy to add color to your reception tables by featuring them prominently on the guest tables as well as on the head table.

Florist tricks for working with tulips:

1) The tulip is a very thirsty flower. It needs to be well conditioned before displaying. Re-cut your tulips and allow them to stand in water for several hours preferably at least a day before the big day so that they draw in enough water through their stems so that the flowers are strong for your wedding day.

2) The tulip is the only flower that continues to grow after they are cut. They can grow up to 2 inches and they also turn towards the light. Keep this in mind when preparing bouquets with this living flower. You will have best results with informal displays versus sculptured tailored line bouquets. of course if you are making centerpieces or vase bouquets, it won’t be as important as in bouquets if a tulip is out of place.

To straighten out stems that have bent and curled towards the light, wrap wrap the head and most of the stems in newspaper but leave enough of the bottom of the stems uncovered so as to be able to put the bottom end of the stems in water. Leave them wrapped up this way for several hours or overnight for best results.

3) When using tulips in wedding bouquets, you must keep them cool at all times; when you are prepping them, when you are making the bouquets, when you are storing them before the wedding and on the wedding day itself. Any warmth will prompt the heads to start opening and if they open too much, they will blow open and not look at their best. When you order tulips fresh cut online, they will arrive with closed heads. You want them to stay that way, so keep them out of any form of heat. At each step of the process of preparing them for the wedding, work with them then put them away in the fridge!


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