What Is Droewors?

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A bit hard to pronounce, droewors (often split into two words – droe wors) is a type of dried and cured meat snack which originated in South Africa. Dutch settlers were the first recorded as making this tasty and portable treat.

Is it Biltong or Droewors?

There is one fundamental and obvious difference between biltong and droewors. While biltong is usually found in slices or slabs, droewors are round sausages. They can be made from the exact same meats and seasonings, but droewors will always have that distinctive round shape.

Thick and thin versions of droewors are available. For many consumers, thinner stickers are preferred. This is partially due to convenience; the thinner sausages are simply easier to carry around, especially when packed for outdoor adventures. Thicker sausages also take longer to cure and dry, which can raise their prices with some vendors.

Some manufacturers prefer to produce to thin droewors, since the thinner sticks dry more quickly and are therefore less likely to develop mold.

History of Droewors

Sharing common roots, droewors and biltong were created by the same group of people at the same time. Sometime during the seventeenth century, Dutch settlers in South Africa began following recipes for preserving meat. Some food historians believe that these recipes had come from North or South America, from either Native American tribes or ancient Incas.

Settlers faced some difficulty in preserving meat in those days. Refrigeration was nonexistent, and so meat needed to be cooked and eaten quickly. If not, it would rapidly spoil. The creation of droewors posed a perfect solution. The handy sticks of dried sausage were ideal for keeping meat edible for long periods of time. They were also great for taking along on hunting expeditions, ensuring that hunters could keep their strength up without hauling heavy foods.

Ancient Convenience

Regardless of its origins, the modern conveniences of droewors can’t be denied. It’s one of the most popular local snacks in South Africa, and it enjoys a worldwide following. Some nearby countries such as Australia have the convenience of finding droewors at local retailers. Fans of the dried snack which aren’t fortunate enough to have a local supply can find droewors, along with its cousin biltong, through many online shops. Wherever you are in the world, these nutritious and delicious snacks are perfect for outdoor activities and for those on high-protein diets, as well as those who simply love the taste!


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