What Size Bedding is Used For Sleeper Sofa Pullout Couches?

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Having family or friends stay over at your house is fun, which is why many people make it a point to own sleeper sofas, sofa beds, pullout couches (they are all the same, it is a sofa or couch which converts into a bed) and/or futons. These instant beds are extremely convenient and can be placed just about anywhere around the house where you have a decent space. Especially if there is no official guest room or if you must make your extra room have dual functionality, like an office and a guest room. A sofa bed can perhaps be placed in an office where it will mainly be used as a couch, but if you have overnight guests it can instantly be turned into a bed. The same can be done in a family room. Of course, it is important that you first decide which convertible sleeper suits your needs most. Keeping in mind that most sofa beds, pullout couches, sleeper sofas, and others, are marketed as full size or queen beds (very few are twin size), you can go on and buy your sleeper couch.

Once you make your decision, you must then purchase bed linens for your sofa bed, pullout couch, pullout sofa or futon. Needless to say, most people are clueless when it comes to the appropriate bedding needed for their guest bed. When you bought your pullout sofa or sleeper couch, you would have noticed that the mattresses are much thinner than a regular mattress. Hence, it is crucial that you read the informational pamphlet that comes with the pullout couch to verify what the exact dimensions of your guest bed are. This will help you understand if it can be dressed with conventional full size sheet sets, or if it requires special bedding. Because there is such a large and varied market of pullout couches out there, it is hard to say off hand, which ones can use regular linens and which will require specially ordered sheets. Most will require specific sheets; however, conventional full/queen size comforters or quilts can be used. So, it is imperative that you ask questions when purchasing your sleeper sofa or couch.

Another important aspect that one must keep in mind when buying a guest bed is that because of the thinness of the mattress, your guest might be able to feel the frame it lies on. It is suggested that you place additional padding, such as a featherbed or a mattress topper, under the linen. This will give the mattress more cushioning, mitigate the feeling of the frame beneath it and make it a little more comfortable for your guest. And, in the end you want your guest bed to be as welcoming as possible and your guest to feel as close to home as you can make them feel.

Now that you have relevant information about a sleeper couch and the types of bedding you should use, you can be at ease with the decision you have made of acquiring one. Congratulations, and let the guests arrive!


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