What to Wear to a November Wedding

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November is not one of the more common months for weddings, and if you have been invited to one, you may find yourself wondering what on earth to wear. Dressing for a November wedding can be a little bit tricky, as the weather will be wintery, but the festive holiday season has not yet begun. From colors to fabrics to styles, this is what to wear to a November wedding.

One question that many guests have is, “Can I wear velvet in November?” To some extent, this is a personal preference, but a good rule of thumb is that velvet is best reserved for the time between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. There is some flexibility to that; if you were attending a formal wedding the weekend before Thanksgiving, no one would give it a second thought if you wore a velvet dress. If the wedding is in the beginning of November, head to toe velvet would be a bit much. You could, however, get away with a pretty velvet jacket and a silk skirt. A style with a wide portrait neckline is a gorgeous way to show off your favorite wedding jewelry.

Heavy silks like shantung, satin, and dupioni are always beautiful for a late fall wedding. The shimmer of satin makes it best suited to evening weddings, or to use as a trim (such as a satin color on a dress made from a matte fabric). Dupioni and shantung are wonderful for a November wedding at any time of the day. For an afternoon wedding ceremony, a silk dupioni sheath with matching tailored jacket would be stunning. If you choose one in a neutral color like champagne or mocha, you will find that it is a versatile outfit to wear again for special occasions year round.

The wintery feeling of November means that shimmer and shine are appropriate. The beaded top that would have been entirely too much for a summer afternoon wedding can work wonderfully when the weather turns colder. One signature sparkly piece can be used to add pizazz to an otherwise simple outfit, such as dressy wide leg trousers or a tailored skirt. In the evening, the same beaded top would be marvelous with a long silk velvet or satin skirt. Be sure to layer on lots of crystal wedding jewelry to complete the outfit.

If you are invited to a casual November wedding, think cozy and luxe for your outfit. Beautiful fabrics with great texture are the way to go. Informal pieces with special details work very well, such as a cardigan with a beaded neckline. A cashmere cable knit sweater worn with a brown suede skirt and high heeled boots would be perfect. Add some pretty jewelry, like a Tiffany-inspired silver bracelet or a large pair of pearl studs.

November is close enough to winter to start playing with other special details. A coat with a fur collar (faux or real, depending on your preference), patent leather shoes, or a satin hairband will all make your outfit more festive. With all of the early holiday styles coming into the shops, finding the perfect outfit to wear to a November wedding may be easier than you think.


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