When and How to Wear Cufflinks

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Women are fond of wearing jewelry and women are known to own different items of jewelry that can only be worn with specific occasions to suit outfits that also match the occasion or event. On the other hand, men’s jewelry is often composed of a wedding ring, some handsome time pieces, a quality pen and some classy pairs of cufflinks. People who have a very fine eye for details will often coordinate their cufflinks with their watch, wedding ring, necktie, shirt, suspenders, socks and their suit.

Cufflinks are best worn with shirts that have double cuffs. These shirts are also known as French cuffs and the French themselves call these Musketeer cuffs. French shirts have a double cuff that is folded back and fitted with cufflinks on its holes. There are no button holes for double cuffs, only cufflink holes where these accessories can be fitted perfectly.

If you buy shirts, you will notice that there are those that have both button holes and cufflinks holes. While the motive in producing these types of shirts is noble, they look silly and they go against shirt etiquette. Knowing these facts, you should always, try to avoid these types of shirts.

There are a lot of different types of cufflinks available in the market today. If you scout for some pairs, you find cufflinks from the most subtle design to the very loud and fashionable. There are cufflinks that can go perfectly well with black tie events, and those cufflinks that are perfect for pet shows as you can have you pets picture monogrammed on each fact. If you are going to Disneyworld and you happen to be a huge fan of Mickey Mouse, then there are cufflinks that are shaped like his head (or ears). Cufflinks are also made from different metals and plating. There are pairs made from semi-precious and precious stones, and those are diamond studded. Shirts in pastel colors are always perfect with sterling silver cufflinks with mother of pearl. There are also various designer cufflinks that are exclusively designed as that of Paul Smith, Longmire, Turnbull & Asser, Montblank, Tiffany & Co, Kenneth Cole, Cartier and Bulgari. These branded cufflinks have actually been imitated and sold at a cheaper price in various countries in Asia. Whenever possible, you should try to avoid wearing these “fake” pairs because they often look bad (as they are cheap imitations) and they can easily break in the middle because of poor quality. If you will even dare to wear them during board meetings or client calls, they can never impress your clients nor your stakeholders.

Following the shirt and cufflinks etiquette means that you have to wear a double cuff shirt with cufflinks and a suit. It should never be worn without a jacket. While there are a lot of students, playboys in night clubs and young professional who wear double cuff shirts on jeans, these are not widely accepted. However, you should always consider that fashion is not about strictly following the rules, but merely creating your own.


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