Why Do Men Neglect Their Wives?

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There is no easy way to answer the question why do men neglect their wives because some of the things I am about to say will not be things that you wish or like to hear.

The first reason why men neglect their wives is because they are too busy working to bring home the bacon. Being a working woman or not, it is not possible for you to truly ever empathise and understand how important your husband’s job is to him. In many ways, his job is what defines him as a man. So while you, the wife, put your marriage and love relationship as top priority, his job is what holds an important position in his heart and mind. Not only for his benefit, but for you and his entire family as well.

If your husband neglects you because of work, there are still ways for you to remedy and change the situation over time. One way is to plan short romantic getaways in advance, so that he can put the plan in his scheduler. It also gives him time to prepare himself to take a break and holiday. An important thing to remember is not to use your short romantic getaway as a chance to dump all your grievances and unhappiness on him. If you need to do something like that, put it in an email. Don’t waste his time by pulling him away from his work, only to make him feel horrible and lousy. This will greatly destroy his desire to go on any more holidays together with you. He may even grow to dread it.

This brings me to the ultimate reason why men neglect their wives… Accumulated Bad Experiences. Who wants to spend time with someone who nags or quarrels with you? Especially after a long and hard day’s work, all a man wants to do is come home, rest and unwind himself in front of the television or computer, reading or doing some exercise. Like it or not, the way you treat your husband each time he returns from work and walks through that door, greatly influences whether he looks forward to your presence or simply dreads the idea of seeing you and hearing your voice. It is up to you to create a conducive environment for your husband to return to. You can’t just blame it on him and expect things to change for the better.

Conversely, if your husband works in a wonderful place with warm, fun-loving and friendly people, and he returns home to a grouchy, grumpy wife… Isn’t it logical that he would rather spend time with other people instead of having to face you? So complain to your girlfriends… because the biggest reason why men neglect their wives is because the wife does not know how to, or has not taken the effort to cheer herself up and be a fun-loving, sexy wife. Be more like the woman he first fell in love with, and you won’t need to play the victim of being a neglected wife.


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