Why Writing Love Letters Or Poems to Get a Girl Back Won’t Work

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When you’re suffering through a break up you may think that written words of love are going to help you get back the woman you adore. Many men have resorted to writing love letters or poems to get a girl back. They mistakenly think that if they wow her with romantic words that she’ll forget all the things that led to the break up and she’ll be the one begging for a second chance. Your heart may be in the right place if you want to express what you feel for her in written words, but it may actually cause her to cut you out of her life forever.

The biggest problem with letters or poems to get a girl back is that she may take it the wrong way. If you and the woman you love have been struggling with some problems and she suggested that a break was in order, you’ll annoy her if you send her anything at all. When a woman says she wants a break that means a break away from you. She doesn’t want to hear from you, she doesn’t want to see you and she certainly doesn’t want to receive love letters or romantic poems from you. If you send her something like that, when you two have just broken up, she’ll be offended. She’ll take it to mean that you don’t respect her needs or wishes for distance and time alone.

The best thing you can possibly do to get a girl back is respect her need for space. Do everything in your power not to email or call her. Whatever thoughts or feelings you think you have to share with her now can wait. If you ever expect to get her back you have to demonstrate to her that you understand her need for time alone to think. If you can do this you’ve established the groundwork for a future with her. Show her that her feelings matter more than yours right now.


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