Will My Boyfriend Propose? Here is How to Finally Know Whether Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose

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In any romantic relationship, it is most often than not a woman’s dream to find herself getting married to the love of her life. When a relationship gets serious, couples start planning about their future life together. But how can a girl tell if her boyfriend will eventually propose? Here are the following indications:

He Starts Acting Weird

If there is one moment in a guy’s life when he is most vulnerable, then this one is it. Proposing means opening himself up to rejection. So if your guy starts acting differently than he usually does, like being more clingy, asking for more attention, being needy, acting funny around your friends, it may be because he is gauging if your response to his marriage proposal will be a positive one or not.

He Starts Appreciating Wedding Invitations

When your guy suddenly starts enjoying weddings aside from the booze it offers, it may be because he is finally planning to have one as well.

He Starts Acting Like a Scrooge

Proposing entails buying an engagement ring, paying for the wedding, and having enough money left to start your life together. So don’t blame him if he starts saving. A wedding, after all, is a serious business.

He Changes for the Better

If your boyfriend suddenly starts cooking for you, makes your bed, buys you groceries and all those other domestic things you do, and starts talking about the future and your stand about raising kids, it could be because he has plans to do this with you in some time soon.

He Stops Going Out on Friday Nights

If your boyfriend starts spending his Friday nights with you instead of his usual date with his friends, then he may be thinking of taking the next step in your relationship and bidding his bachelorhood goodbye.

He Starts Prying About the Size of Your Finger

A guy wants to be sure that he gets the right ring size. So don’t wonder once he starts snooping around your jewelry box. He may just be shopping for the size of your engagement ring.

He Suddenly Plans an Unexpected Trip

It could be a trip to the beach, a weekend at your favorite hotel, an exclusive dinner in a fancy restaurant. If he suddenly tells you that he has some fantastic date planned for the two of you, which is not usually the case in your relationship, then he may just be dropping the question soon.

These are the most common telltale signs that your boyfriend will be proposing soon. Watch out for them and ease your mind. Your happily ever after will come too.


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