Your Wedding Ceremony – Use Wedding Trees to Enrich Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

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Trees are a wonderful metaphor for marriage; and therefore a great image to include in your wedding ceremony. The more metaphors; the more relevant poetry in a wedding ceremony, the more beautiful, memorable and effective it will be. And by effective, I mean that it can support the marriage. Any or all of these themes can be developed to enrich the ceremony.

  1. For their symmetry: The root system of a healthy tree is as large and beautiful as the canopy. Marriage requires careful cultivation at home to provide comfort in the world.
  2. For the work they do: Our trees breathe new life into the atmosphere; strong marriages renew community.
  3. For their strength: Year after year trees add to their strength. Some years they grow more than others. So it is with marriage. As they endure, through the hard times, they become a both a symbol of strength and something to lean against when you’re weary.
  4. For their context: If trees are carefully chosen, planted where they will thrive and tended to, they will flourish. Whether planted for shade in a back yard, or on family property as a symbol of continuity, or in a grove where the symbolism includes the role of one tree/one marriage in the community, trees improve our lives. The earth needs more trees. Your community needs more stable marriages.
  5. For the memories: a growing tree is a growing reminder of your wedding day and the love you share. As your marriage, it must be carefully tended, as your marriage it will yield unbelievable beauty and pleasure.

Once you’ve found the metaphors that please you, match it with a ritual activity. Ritual activities make things concrete and help us make the connection between the metaphor and the feeling at a subliminal level — but one that keeps the ritual renewing your feelings for one another and your marriage.

  • Get married under a tree
  • Use trees as centerpieces
  • Give saplings to guests
  • Plant trees in a forest for favors
  • Tie wedding wishes to a tree
  • Use trees instead of flowers for decoration
  • After the wedding plant the trees used at the weddings on land where you can watch it flourish.

Use trees to enrich your ceremony, your marriage, your life and the life of your community. You won’t be sorry and neither will the Earth!


Source by Ann Keeler Evans

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